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Kerry serves as the co creator of HPY is an online library of streaming audio yoga classes and meditations led by a worldwide team of powerful instructions. To take Kerry’s classes online click here.

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“I have practiced with, and known, Kerry for the past few years. I’ve watched her progress from a beginning yoga practitioner to an awesome instructor. Her classes are full of fun and energy. Since I’m on the road every week, it is always nice to know that I can bring Kerry’s classes along with me at I can still get that awesome practice with her podcasts as it feels as if she is right there in the room with me. Thank you Kerry for always being there with me!”

Mindi Williams


“Kerry is an amazing yoga teacher who really takes your practice to the next level. Her classes are the type that when you come in you are able to leave all of your burdens and stressors at the door. You are able to tune into yourself and give back to your body and soul in only a way her yoga classes can provide. I have also found this to be true of her audio classes, that they allow me to check out and check back into myself for that time period. I have dealt with infertility for over 5 years and her yoga classes helped me find peace, grace and beauty in my body again. I was fortunately able to have a healthy baby and I credit continuing her yoga classes throughout my pregnancy to keeping me sane and helping my resilient body bounce back quickly.”

Alyssa White

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